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MinneTAC Source Code

The University of Minnesota's MinneTAC Research Group has released the second version of the source code for their MinneTAC agent. The agent is a component-oriented design that wraps the Agentware package from SICS, separates the major functions, and allows for easy agent reconfiguration. The component framework is the Apache Excalibur system. The MinneTAC design is described in a pdf document, and much of the detail is available in the MinneTAC Javadoc.

Here's what's available:

The 2008 source package includes the following third-party libraries:

Apache Excalibur
An inversion-of-control component framework covered by the the Apache license.
SCM Agentware
TAC SCM agent foundation from the Swedish Institute for Computer Science, with an updated build setup.
A Mixed-Integer Programming system covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License. You will need to re-build this from source if you are not running on a 32-bit or 64-bit GNU/Linux system.

Here's the bibtex data for the design document:
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                  Maria Gini and Amrudin Agivic},
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                 supply-chain trading agent},
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