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TAC SCM Controlled Server

Starting with the 2008 TAC SCM competition, The University of Minnesota's MinneTAC Research Group has assumed responsibility for maintenance of the TAC SCM server, originally developed at the Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS).

The server that was used in the 2008 competition is an updated version of the "controlled server" described in the Sodomka et al. paper, which allows market conditions to be repeated across multiple games. As a result, the seeds for the competition games are available in the game logs, and competition games from the 2008 series can therefore be re-run.

Here's the current server package (Java source) and (binary). It includes

  • A simple GUI to create seedsets for the server, and
  • A detailed README file with instructions for building and using the controlled server and its corresponding GUI.
  • Instructions for configuring the server to support scheduled competitions

In order to extract the seeds from an existing game, you need to use the latest version of the logtool, which also adds several "monitors" and the ability to write Scheme scripts to extract data from parsed games. Here's the Java source for the 2008 logtool.

Controlled Server Papers

  • Eric Sodomka, John Collins, and Maria Gini. "Efficient Statistical Methods for Evaluating Trading Agent Performance." In Proc. of AAAI-07, Vancouver, Canada, July 2007. [pdf]
  • Eric Sodomka, John Collins, and Maria Gini. "Modifying the TAC-SCM server to support repeated pseudo-random sequences: A Proposal." Proposal to SICS, Minnesota, June 2007. [pdf]
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