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MinneTAC-06 Binary Package

The University of Minnesota's MinneTAC Research Group has released a binary package containing the MinneTAC agent as it was configured for semifinals of the 2006 Trading Agent Competition. This package is provided "as is" and as configured will run only on a Linux/X86 platform. This is because it uses the lp_solve MIP solver, which is written in C/C++. We would like to make a Windows version available as well, but we are a Linux/Unix shop, and our Windows skills and platform availability are problematic.

Here's the MinneTAC-06 binary package. It is covered by the University of Minnesota's non-commercial source license, and conforms to the rules for the 2006 TAC-SCM game.

Included in the package are binary redistributions of the following:

A technical report describing MinneTAC-06 and characterizing some of its behaviors is under construction. Watch this space for a posting, hopefully before the end of October.

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